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What is a Sectional Garage Door?

Sectional garage doors are a popular type of door made up of several horizontal panels that move up and over the opening, guided by tracks. They offer a modern and sleek look that can complement any home, making them a great option for homeowners looking for protection, style and functionality.

At The Garage Guys, we offer a range of sectional garage doors that are durable and built to last. Our doors come in a variety of styles and colours so that you can find the perfect match for your Australian home.

Sectional Garage Door Services

At The Garage Guys, we provide high-quality sectional garage door services to keep your door rolling for years. Our expert technicians use only the best parts to ensure your garage door is in good hands.

We offer efficient same-day repairs and faster lead times than our competition, whatever the weather conditions.

As a B&D garage door and motor dealer, we offer a special promotion for customers who register online for a B&D motor with a genuine B&D garage door. You’ll receive a B&D 10-Year Total Confidence Warranty for complete peace of mind.

Sectional Door Repair Services

Common Sectional Door Repairs

Get a Quote for Sectional Garage Door Repairs

Our expert team is ready to provide top-notch tilt garage door repair services. We specialise in repairing high-quality and durable Sectional Garage Door for your garage or shed.

Our Sectional Door Installation Process

Comprehensive Inspection

Our team will inspect your door and space to advise you on available options and provide a quote on the spot once you've decided.

Delivery and Scheduling

Upon accepting the quote, we will notify you of the expected delivery date for your new sectional garage door. Our scheduling team will then arrange a fitting date that suits you.

Removal of Existing Door

On fitting day, our expert installation team will remove your existing door, including any openers, tracks, and accessories.

Assembly and Fitting

Once all garage openings are clean and clear, we will begin assembling and fitting your new sectional garage door and hardware.

Manual Operation and Motor Fitting

After the door is installed and operating smoothly manually, we will fit the opener (motor) swiftly and run some tests to ensure everything works correctly.


Once we are satisfied with the installation, we will hand over your new sectional garage door to you.

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance At Garage Guys, we believe in providing our customers with all the necessary information to ensure they can enjoy their new garage door for years to come.

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Garage Door Tip from the Garage Guys

It is recommended that your new garage door is serviced by a professional Garage Guy 12-months after it has been installed and every two years after the first service.

Why choose the Garage Guys for Sectional Garage Door Repairs and Installation?

Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your garage door needs:

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer fast and efficient same-day repairs and have faster lead times than our competition. Our team will work quickly to diagnose the issue and provide a speedy solution, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

With a quick turnaround on repairs, garage door lead times and delivery, your door will be rolling again in no time.

As a B&D garage door and motor dealer, we offer a special promotion for customers who purchase a B&D motor with a genuine B&D garage door and register online. You’ll receive a B&D 10-Year Total Confidence Warranty for complete peace of mind.

From using a smartphone app to the red string of your opener, if you’ve had an opener or any accessories added to your door, we will explain everything to you. Our friendly and communicable Garage Guys will make sure you know how to use your new sectional garage door and how to reach us if you require any tips or help.

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Sectional Garage Door FAQs

Sectional garage doors are made to fit and come in various sizes to suit all garages and sheds. At Garage Guys, we can help you choose the right size for your space and offer professional installation services.

Sectional garage doors are typically operated using a motorised garage door opener that is controlled by a remote or wall-mounted switch. The opener activates the mechanism that moves the door up and down along the tracks, providing convenient and effortless operation.

Contact us today for Garage door repair, install and supply solutions. We are highly recommended in the industry and service all of Sydney.

Sectional garage doors work by moving vertically in the opening and then horizontally along the ceiling, guided by tracks. The door is composed of multiple horizontal panels that are hinged together, allowing the door to fold up and create a compact stack when opened.

Sectional Garage Doors are typically made from Bluescope Colorbond Steel; however, doors can be made of many materials such as steel and aluminium.

The Garage Guys work with our clients to find the right materials and make the door of their dreams. From metallic material selections for the modern designer home to a timber-style door for that beachy look, we have an option for every home design!

Ask our sales about our custom sectional garage door range.

Sectional garage doors require periodic cleaning and lubrication to ensure smooth operation and long-lasting durability. We recommend cleaning the door regularly with a mild detergent and lubricating the tracks and other moving parts every six months. Use a silicon-based lubricant and never grease or oil-based lubricants.

Garage door springs pose significant dangers due to their high tension. Mishandling or improper installation of these springs can lead to accidents and injuries. When a garage door spring breaks, it can release a sudden and powerful force, potentially causing the spring to snap or fly off, leading to cuts, bruises, or more severe injuries.

While DIY installation of sectional garage doors is possible, we recommend seeking professional installation services for the best results.

The installation time for a sectional garage door varies depending on the size and complexity of the installation. At Garage Guys, we aim to complete most sectional garage door installations within a day, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.

If your sectional garage door is malfunctioning, take note of the key issues, such as your garage door jamming, a compromised section/panel or making unusual noises. Have a professional inspect it to determine the extent of the damage. Minor issues can be repaired, while more serious damage may require a full replacement. An experienced technician will assess your sectional garage door and recommend the best action.


When a car hits a door, 9 times out of 10, the impact points can not be repaired. A damaged panel can compromise the integrity of your entire garage and can worsen and lead to a hazardous door or a complete failure of the door over time.

Sometimes, the damaged panels can be replaced. In some cases, a matching panel may no longer be available. It is also important to consider the colour difference when replacing a panel(s) on an existing door. The colour may not match the rest of your garage door panels, aka sections.

If you have hit your garage door with your car, contact us, and we will do our best to investigate the best solution for you.

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