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Why Do I Need a Secure Garage Door

Many homeowners don’t realise that when it comes to home security, it is often the garage door that compromises the overall safety and security of the home. Burglars target cars more in home garages because it is often a common weak point. (RACV, 2022) Ensuring a safe and secure garage door is important, especially when you’re redesigning or installing a new one to keep your property safe at all times.

Today, thieves and strangers can break into your home through a garage door in various ways. For example, a metallic garage roller door can be vulnerable easily to burglars as a hard kick around the bottom middle of the door will create a dent that can be propped open to slide underneath.

The same applies to wooden garage doors that can be accessed at the sides and bottom with the use of a well-aimed crowbar to prise them open. Some homeowners think that padlocks or built-in lock systems are enough to secure their garage door, but they can be cut off with bolt cutters, picked, or even drilled out.

So, what can you do to keep your garage door secure at all times?

​​Ensure a Reliable Lock System

There are garage doors that don’t lock when they are closed, and leaving them unlocked becomes an invitation to strangers. In fact, over half of the 10,000 cars stolen in the year-ending January 2021 were from a home garage.

A tough and reliable locking system is an effective way to ensure a secure garage door.

Investing in multi-point locking systems with at least two internal locks. In addition, there are also locking rods that may be used instead of cables, which will make it more difficult for intruders to access your property.

​​Add Some Light

Intruders are often turned away by a well-lit space because they can be seen easily. By adding more lights as part of your garage security, intruders will think twice before they break in. With so many outdoor lights out there, it’s important you invest in motion-detecting or automatic lights that will flood the area with light that will likely attract attention. 

In fact, a lot of homeowners are using LED lights that turn off automatically come morning to save on energy bills, whilst others have a built-in motion sensor. 

These lights also offer safety in the area that will avoid falls and trips in the garage. It will also make parking your vehicle a lot easier at night.

Consider Your Garage Windows

It is now common to see garage doors with windows in Australia. Windows on garage doors allow for natural light and ventilation. In fact, garages have gone through a major transformation as they have now become a place for storage and projects and can even be turned into a space for hanging out with family and friends.

However, windows have a disadvantage when it comes to garage security. The windows can give burglars a way to catch a glimpse of what’s inside your garage. So, what can you do about it?

Dark garage doors look dingy, and you don’t want that in your home, especially if you want the space to be as functional as you want. A way to secure your garage door is to add blinds to the windows. You can also choose to have your garage door windows tinted.

Keep Up With Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors require regular maintenance because bolts and hinges may rust, making it easier for intruders to break through the door. Regular garage door maintenance will also ensure you get to implement the latest security features to keep the door safer.

Most garage door manufacturers recommend that you have your garage door serviced every 12 months to ensure optimal garage door security.

Add Garage Door Security Features

Wireless Doorbell For UPVC Doors

The security features of your garage door are crucial in keeping it secure. Wireless safety beams are one of the highly-recommended security features for garage doors because they can sense obstructions easily in the door’s path. You can now find wireless safety beams with smartphone controls that will allow you to access the beams easily.

Another security feature is to use quality remotes or keyless entry pads that protect you against criminals. You can switch to garage door openers with smart technology if you don’t want to deal with remotes because you fear losing them. A garage door opener will allow you to open and close your garage door via an app. There are also garage door openers with timers that will allow you to program the door automatically to close at a certain time of day.


Next are security cameras that will let you see who’s outside your garage door all day and all night. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of homeowners who overlook placing security cameras in the garage. Ideally, security cameras should also point at the garage door and outwards. (Reader’s Digest, 2021)

Check Your Landscaping

Your landscaping has something to do with the security of your garage door. Overgrown trees and shrubs may serve as hiding spots for burglars. To keep your garage door and driveway secure, it’s essential that you trim down the trees or shrubs that block the view of entry points from the street. In addition, you can also add thorny bushes in front of windows and doors. With this, it can further keep intruders away.

Check the Emergency Release Cord

The emergency release cord is an important feature of your garage door opener. It is found at the top of the garage with a red handle that you can easily reach. When you pull it, the garage door motor will turn off, which will halt its operations. This is helpful when you lose power and need to open your garage door.

However, the emergency release cord can be a safety concern, in which intruders can feed a wire through a crack at the bottom of the garage door with hopes of hooking the cord that will open the garage door.

You can prevent this by securing the cord with zip ties or shields. On the other hand, newer garage door models come with emergency release cords that come in a different angle, making it difficult for burglars to “fish.”

What are The Most Secure Types of Garage Doors?

You can choose from different types of garage doors, but when it comes to security, some garage doors are better than others.

Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door is the most common type used by homeowners in Australia. (Chamberlain) There are several reasons behind this. One is that it is appealing, and next, they save space.

Next, sectional doors consist of several rigid panels that move along the garage ceiling, which means that each panel comes with its connection to the door track.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

The main reason side-hinged garage doors offer the best security is because of the extra locks that come with them. It is a good choice for those who don’t need to open their garage door, especially homeowners who use their garage for other things besides keeping their vehicles inside.

Roller Garage Doors

Now, for homeowners who are on a tight budget, the roller garage door is a popular option. Despite its lower cost, it doesn’t compromise safety. Roller doors consist of hinges that ensure the door will roll smoothly above the door opening. So, if you’re looking for a secure yet cost-effective option, roller doors are perfect for your home.

The Bottomline

Ensure your security with our garage door security tips in this post. Your garage may contain other valuables (aside from your vehicles), such as power tools and other important things. A secure garage door is important because the area is often a weak point for break ins. Therefore, it becomes a prime target for intruders. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to strengthen your home security here with us. Contact us here at The Garage Guys today.


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